I know Earth Day has passed, but we can still celebrate. In fact, we always should. This giant spherical rock we live on is spinning itself through space, constantly, every day. We’ve gotta take care of it! I figured a good way to celebrate was to be outside. Unfortunately, Mother Earth don’t play, and I had to reschedule the event because of a thunderstorm! That meant no one could come, but I still had a good time.

Yesterday was my very favorite kind of rain. The drops were heavy and consistent, the weather was warm, and the petals on the trees stayed in tact. Yesterday was Earth Day, but since Mother Earth don’t play I had to reschedule my monthly event for today. If you’re in the Baltimore area, come play with me in Patterson Park around 6 o’clock. Today, however, is Talk Like Shakespeare Day. Doth have it in thee?

Also, I’m still accepting questions for my next Q&A video. Send me an e-mail or leave your questions in the comments. Anything is fair game, and I won’t say who asked what. And now… for an incomplete list of things I wrote in my happy journal over the past week.

+ continuing to celebrate Spring one month in
+ dresses made of tulle
+ a free funny comedy show at a motel
+ my dad finding my grandma’s old postcards and postage
+ 500 Days Of Summer

It’s been so long since I did a yarnbomb! I missed it a lot, so I’m really glad I was able to add a little color to a side street in Baltimore. It was a beautiful day, in a very cute area, and it felt very peaceful to sew those seams up.

When I look at teenagers, I think about how I bet they feel older than they are like I did when I was their age. As a fifteen year old I thought I was basically an adult, full of life experience. The thing is, when I look back I think two conflicting things: 1) Fifteen year olds don’t know anything. They’re basically babies. 2) As a fifteen year old I experienced some of the most raw emotions of my life.

And you know what? I think both of those things are correct. Fifteen isn’t a lot of life experience, but neither is twenty-five. I don’t have everything figured out now, a decade later, but just because I understand more about the world doesn’t mean that me experiences as a teenager are invalid or any less important.

Today I’m going to share five memories from my high school years. Some of them are things I wouldn’t repeat and some make me nostalgic, but you can see traces of Mary England throughout all of my stories.

1) New Year’s Eve, 2003 (age 15)

Happy Easter, my friends. What are your plans today? A scavenger hunt, egg dyeing extravaganza, or candy binge session, perhaps? All of the above? Sweet. Whether you’re celebrating the religious aspects of this holiday or simply enjoying pastel clothes and the aesthetics of dangling plastic eggs on trees, I hope that you have a wonderful day. I’m doing something a little different this year, and focusing on celebrating someone’s birthday instead.

Don’t worry, though. I’m still wearing my bunny tinsel headband and got my picture taken with the Easter Bunny and Charlotte… as is our yearly tradition.

A couple weeks ago, I posted a picture on Instagram with the caption: “I’ve gotta blow up a bunch of inflatable carrots, but first… let me take a selfie.” Yes, it was obviously a beautiful play on that silly song by The Chainmakers, but it was also true. I had found a pack of large inflatable carrots on Oriental Trading, and it was time to get to work.

But what was I going to do with the inflatable carrots? Give them away, of course! I filled up a shopping cart outside of the mall, and added a sign that read, “What’s Up, Doc?” and walked away.

Last month I made the goal to have at least six pieces of mail per month to show off, since I’m having such a hard time keeping up with mail on a regular basis. Part of that is “life stuff” — work, play, and school! This month I’ve been busy making my newest Busy Weekends project: The Explorer’s Kit, so that hasn’t helped much on time either.

Fortunately, though, I’ve managed two things!

One, I most certainly have six pieces of mail to show you!

I found this glittery washi tape and it’s basically the best thing in the universe. Too bad I don’t remember where I got it!

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