Happy Thursday! Since Thursdays are the day that we share our art journal pages at Get Messy, I thought I’d make a page dedicated to it.

Get Messy Art Journal | Uncustomary Art

The right page uses a brown paper bag as a background, and an image I found a long time ago but never used. (Can we talk about how wonderful it is that art journaling finally lets me feel like it’s okay to use all those “special” pieces I’ve hoarded for years?!) The image is fantastic to me for several reasons. I love how gorgeous the girl is from her hair, to her sweater, to her pure ecstasy. She’s drinking wine and licking cake batter (or straight icing?). Go for it, girl.

Get Messy Art Journal | Uncustomary Art

One of my pages this week is carrying over from last week‘s theme. I had only been in New York for a day and a half when I shared my pages before, so this last homage is to the day we went to Coney Island. I’m going to be going into more detail about my trip tomorrow (stay tuned), but Coney Island was a highlight for me. It was kitschy and strange, just how I like it. The page features a photobooth strip I took and (unused) fry bag from Nathan’s Hot Dogs. I wrote some keywords on the fish in the background, like “mermaids”, “beach”, and “touristy”.

Get Messy Art Journal | Uncustomary Art

Get Messy is an art journal challenge where a gang of crafty vixens are sharing art journal pages we have created to practise our skills and push past our creative limits with hopes to inspire. We share our pages without restraint every week, and once a month we create around a prompt. Go check out these crazy talented ladies who each have a unique perspective and style. We will be sharing our work around social media so follow the hashtag #getmessyartjournal

Stress is something that affects everyone, and it always will. There are good and bad types of stress (getting a new job, a loved one dying) that pop up across our life span. Every day we have to deal with things like traffic jams, rude people, and trying to fit everything into a twenty-four hour period. These elements aren’t going to change, so the best thing to do is to make time for managing and reducing your stress. Eventually, if you practice enough stress management, you will be better equipped to handle stressful situations. Things that may have once sent you into an anxiety attack might roll off your shoulder like water on a duck’s back.

100 Ways To Reduce Stress by Uncustomary Art

  1. Lay in a hammock
  2. Take a bubble bath
  3. Do a guided meditation
  4. Get a pedicure
  5. Take a leisurely walk
  6. Do some deep breathing exercises
  7. Do some self massage
  8. Arrange flowers you bought yourself
  9. Make a sand, snow, or carpet angel
  10. Draw or color in a mandala
  11. Swing at a playground
  12. Eat a comfort food
  13. Watch your favorite comedy show
  14. Write a stream of consciousness for eight minutes straight
  15. Masturbate
  16. Have sex
  17. Brainstorm solutions for a friend’s problem
  18. Perform a tedious task that you don’t have to think about
  19. Do some basic stretches
  20. Snuggle with an animal
  21. Dance naked
  22. Take a drive down a windy road
  23. Sing loudly in the shower
  24. Take yourself on a date
  25. Watch funny internet videos and gifs
  26. Tackle one of those piles of things to do and get some relief
  27. Make a list of ideas on how to reduce stress
  28. Read a book
  29. Take a nap
  30. Sunbathe to soak in that Vitamin D
  31. Collect something in nature
  32. Plan ahead
  33. Release the idea that you can control other people
  34. Play outside with sidewalk chalk
  35. Make some art
  36. Visit a place where you feel safe
  37. Hula hoop
  38. Make a mood/inspiration board
  39. Call your best friend
  40. Jump rope
  41. Write a mantra for yourself
  42. Jump on a trampoline
  43. Read stories of kindness that will restore your faith in humanity
  44. Do some decluttering
  45. Get a foot rub
  46. Try a new cocktail complete with a mini umbrella
  47. Use a mood lamp
  48. Scream into a pillow
  49. Punch something soft or do martial arts (even if it’s just like this)
  50. Put your toes in some sand
  51. Smoke hookah
  52. Eat a popsicle or ice cream cone (bonus points if its from an ice cream truck)
  53. Read a story to your pet
  54. Do cardio past your normal comfort zone
  55. Go to a museum, zoo, or aquarium
  56. Go to a store just to smell all the candles and lotions
  57. Write down a list of everything stressing you out
  58. Have a cleansing bonfire where you burn things symbolically
  59. Smudge your house or yourself
  60. Write a letter to yourself in the future, congratulating them on being so awesome
  61. Decide the next thing you want to accomplish
  62. Look up silly puns and jokes
  63. Twirl in a meadow
  64. Have a silly photoshoot
  65. Write some lyrics/a poem
  66. Do a little (responsible) retail therapy
  67. Make yourself an award for being wonderful
  68. Watch stand up comedy
  69. Make a wish in a fountain, on a dandelion, or at 11:11
  70. Play with mixing paint colors
  71. Buy some glowsticks and have a dark dance party
  72. Pay someone to do something for you that you don’t want to do
  73. Try tapping (EFT)
  74. Smile for sixty seconds
  75. Write a message in dirt, sand, etc.
  76. Pour sequins, confetti, or glitter all over yourself or living space
  77. Dive into Pinterest or Instagram for inspiration from artists
  78. Play some percussion (chopsticks on a table, drum circle, hands on lap)
  79. Wear an absurd hat
  80. Write how you feel in your journal
  81. Do some sun salutations
  82. Take a walk with your camera
  83. Play dress up
  84. Take a drive in a convertible
  85. Do something eccentric
  86. Play some arcade or video games
  87. Change your hair color or style
  88. Slide down a slide or railing
  89. Wear a fake mustache
  90. Pour your favorite drink in a fancy glass and sip it in the shade
  91. Laughter yoga
  92. Skip
  93. Say no to things that overwhelm you
  94. Cool it on the sugar and caffeine halfway through the day
  95. Cut negative people out of your life
  96. Eat nutritious foods
  97. Pay attention to your five senses
  98. Keep a gratitude journal
  99. Give yourself breaks during the day (and actually take your lunch break)
  100. Take your bra off

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What do you do to reduce and manage your stress?

Tuesday through Friday I was in New York, so a very large portion of my week was spent in a place that I actually plan to cover in a future post. So this week, I’m going to focus on very small things that brought my happiness.

One amazing thing is that I got to see Richard after a whole week of being away. He was actually on a trip the same time I was, which is great timing, but it was still really wonderful to meet up again.

Uncustomary Art Weekly Happiness

And New York was obviously wonderful. I was exhausted in an unprecedented way by the last day of our trip, and even though we did a lot of cool things and had fun, we were all very grateful to come home. New York is filled with a lot of stuff. There’s always something to look at; even adorable baby pups on the subway.

Uncustomary Art Weekly Happiness

Extra Sparkle:  city skylines  strangers willing to help  free bar snacks  neon signs  the sound of rain on a patio  a coin purse shaped like a taco  rooftop bar  chocolate wrappers with pin up girls printed on them  reactions to my Lost Boys Food Fight event  fancy glasses just for soda  listening to Australian men laugh  sideshow performers  glitter tattoo  paint peeling on strange buildings  puppets talking about sex  excessive amounts of hot dogs  arcade games in bars  finding rolls of stickers in the street  performing at a synchronized swimming event  frozen margaritas  my room being covered in stuffed animals  superheros on elevators  seeing a TV show being filmed  eating a macaron for the first time  texts that say “I miss your face”

Uncustomary Art Weekly Happiness

Don’t forget that you can participate in my new Weekly Challenge! If you need some more happiness, make sure to follow me on Pinterest and/or subscribe to my daily e-mail subscription. Please share what’s on your happy list this week in the comments!

Caylee tagged me in an Inspiration Blog Hop last week, and now it’s my turn to answer four questions about my creativity.

What are you working on?

Inspiration Blog Hop | Uncustomary Art

Right now I am working on my Get Messy art journal (in the red Moleskine), preparing for a pool art performance piece where I play “Earth” from Captain Planet (the leaves), getting ready for the Stuffed Animal Sleepover I’m hosting, and a bunch of other things. I’m always working on blog content, searching for street art, and writing for future digital products.

How does your work differ from others?

Inspiration Blog Hop | Uncustomary Art

In terms of blogging, I feel like my work differs from others because I do a little bit of grass roots based projects to interact with strangers. I do my best to take myself to the streets to encourage positive thinking and creative living.

In terms of guerrilla art, most people (at least in my area) are men, and most of those men have very dark work. Both in themes and in actual aesthetics. They are way more talented than I am, but I do my best to make up for my lack of skill with enthusiasm. I want to leave color everywhere and let people know they are loved.

Why do you create what you do?

Inspiration Blog Hop | Uncustomary Art

I create because I’m happy, and I create because I want others to be happy. That’s what most of this boils down to, but there are other reasons. I’m passionate about public art, I’m passionate about sharing, and I’m passionate about color. I create for the people I love, and I create because it’s literally my job. I create so I can get to interact with people, including strangers, online friends, and my favorite people in the entire universe.

How does your creative process work?

Inspiration Blog Hop | Uncustomary Art

My creative process differs widely from project to project, but I tried to find common themes, which I wrote down above.

I tag Cara, Carly, and Marielle to answer the same questions next week. They inspire me for very different reasons, but something they all have in common is spreading joy to other people. I can’t wait to see how you answer these questions.

It’s Monday, so it’s time to continue my new feature, where I provide you with a challenge for the upcoming week. I encourage you to share your interpretations, reactions, and results to these prompts wherever you so choose. Maybe you’ll share on social media with the hashtag #uncustomaryart, maybe on your own blog, or maybe just in a summary paragraph in a comment on this post. Or maybe you don’t want to share with anyone but your personal journal, which is completely fine, too. Just take time to explore these topics and yourself.

Uncustomary Art Weekly Challenge: Play

Weekly Challenge #2: Play

Ideas:  Twirl a plate on a stick  Wear a clown nose  Have a tea party  Watch cartoons  Play on a seesaw  Make a bubble snake  Roll down a hill  Play Messy Twister  Stick confetti, glitter, or googly eyes to your face  Draw an outline of your body on a giant piece of paper

Want 50 more ideas?

Uncustomary Art Weekly Challenge: Play

Every week, I choose my favorite response and that person will receive a card in the mail from me. So make sure I know your post exists! (Link to me or use my hashtag.) The interpretation is completely up to you, and there is no wrong answer. So go surround yourself with streams, bark, and moss. Can’t wait to hear what you get into as you make time to play!

Last week’s theme was nature, and I want to thank you all for your entries! The winner is Angie, who did this:

“This is Mimi in her ‘natural’ Summer spa”

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