Thanksgiving has never been my favorite holiday. If I’m being honest, it’d probably be my least if I had to rank them. These days, I don’t have any family that celebrates or cooks, and I obviously have conflicting feelings about how we’ve treated the Native American culture and the fact that, as Jess Day put it, we’re celebrating the fact that we “didn’t know how to farm by ourselves”. If I’m being honest, I also kind of dislike that lots of people wait till this time of year to express gratitude. We should appreciate life every single day, even when we feel like we’ve been dealt a shitty hand.

The sparkly lining is that people are more likely to talk about what they’re thankful for right about now, so I take the opportunity to ask my fellow Baltimoreans that very thing. (And I would love it if you would share what you are grateful for in the comments.)

What Are You Grateful For? Installation | Uncustomary Art

As per usual, the answers were a mixed bag, including:

Love <3
Craft beers
Netflix Instant: Really? How did we live for so long without it?
My kids
Bailey (my dog)
The baby in my belly :)
God’s grace
Decriminalization of marijuana in Maryland
People who write stupid shit (with an arrow pointing to the above response)
My family :)
Silver medals
“Snow drift”

And to put my money where my mouth is, here is my list:  When Bug lays on top of my feet  Cleavage  The healing power of Joe’s cuddles  How hot Christ Pratt is  The accessibility of craft supplies in the US  The way my vanilla candle makes my room smell yummy  The way Cristen and I can just make random noises back and forth for minutes straight without speaking normally  80’s movies  Being able to see the stars  Science  How comfortable you feel when you wake up in bed without an alarm clock  Water  Sex  Being able to send gifs on my phone  Guys who have beards wearing flannel  Piano solos  Sharing casseroles with my cat  Puns  My car  Ability to receive (and send) mail  When my friends describe me as “colorful”  Not having a 9-5 job  Lipstick that stays on all day  Dogs in costume

Speaking of being thankful, I’ve actually really been feeling that way lately because I’ve been going through a lot of pictures and video footage from the first eleven months of this year in preparation for 2014 to come to a close, and while we still have a very healthy month left to conquer the world, I’m extremely glad that I’ve been able to have the experiences I have so far this year, and I really really love my life.

For the Get Messy Art Journal prompt today (focus on one word that describes you right now), I chose “thankful”, and I copied Ashley‘s washi tape page idea.

I hope that you will take some time today (and every day for the next year) to note what you are lucky enough to have, experience, and be on this Earth of ours.

Check out last year’s installation

Gratefully yours,

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Hey there cowboy/girl/cat. I hope your week is going just dandy! Today I’m working on a big balloon installation with April, which I can’t wait to show you, but until then here are some happy things that have happened in my life this past week.

Uncustomary Art Weekly Happiness | The Little Mermaid

Charlotte’s mom has season tickets to a theater in the middle of nowhere. I had never been there or even heard of it, but it’s absolutely gorgeous and Friday night we went to see The Little Mermaid live. It was amazing. I love that movie, obviously, and they did a great job recreating the parts we already knew and adding new elements to the story. The singing was excellent and the costumes were incredible. Also, there were a lot of little girls in tutus and Ariel shirts that I feel I could probably get along with quite well.

Uncustomary Art Weekly Happiness | Gratitude Turkey

Saturday was a mixed bag. There’s actually been a fair amount of bad/stress in my life this week, including my best friend falling down a flight of stairs. I had to take her to urgent care, which slightly foiled my Saturday plans, but we did end up going to Sara’s Friendsgiving party. The food was delicious and you can’t go wrong with Cards Against Humanity. Also, we all wrote down what we’re grateful for on this turkey’s feathers, and Joe wrote me as one of his answers. Cue “awwwws”.

Extra Sparkle:  the smell of Ashley’s steam mop  my pale blue tutu and brown boots  leaving a note on Joe’s windshield that said “Thank you for the funky time, call me up whenever you wanna grind”  pranking Joe’s roommate  Mock The Week + Russell Howard in general  risking my safety to photograph murals  leaving confetti, googly eyes, and lollipops on Cristen and April’s porches  bonding with the GYN receptionist over vagina-related admin  the way Sebastian walked during the performance  Charlotte using dog training jargon on a creepy guy who wouldn’t leave (“Dog out!”) and it working  drunkenly gathering “gifts” for my friends in an alley (a pumpkin, a newspaper, a cell phone charger, and a real estate sign)  writing at Starbucks  cup holders in mini vans that are really from space  making jokes about Ashley falling down the stairs carrying a casserole (“She cassaROLLED down the stairs”)  when bartenders remember my name  changing out the food labels at Sara’s party to say things like “cow testicles” instead of “pit beef”  watching the documentary on Burt from Burt’s Bees  twisting hundreds of balloons  using a drive-thru pharmacy for the first time  my dad letting me use his car while mine needed to get a new tire and hubcap  fake fires streaming on TV  walking into Joe’s house wearing my galaxy leggings and him saying “Did you get those leggings from outer space? Cuz your ass is out of this world.”  a ladybug walking across the world map on my wall  how the Baltimore Museum Of Art decorated their stairs for their 100th anniversary  wearing gym shorts instead of underwear

Uncustomary Art Weekly Happiness | Alley Cats

Basically, sometimes things suck. Sometimes they suck a lot. Sometimes people’s exes stalk and steal, sometimes they break their elbow, and sometimes they get their car rear-ended into oblivion. But at the end of the day you can draw on your shoes until your heart’s content, you can binge watch your favorite shows while eating directly out of the bag/box/Tupperware, and you can surprise your friends by sending them mail or drawing on their windows with window markers. At sometimes, if you’re lucky, you’ll find three cats, chilling in an alleyway, just waiting for you to take their photo. Cat Fancy, indeed.

What’s on your happiness list this week?

Last week I shared that I’m now an official contributor on Listicle, and premiered with 100 Ways To Spend A Saturday. Today I have some more ideas for you.

Random Acts Of Kindness (RAOK) are genuine moments where we are selflessly giving to another human being. This is a list of 103 ideas for you to be that restoration in someone’s faith in humanity.

103 Random Acts Of Kindness Ideas

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Hey there, it’s time for some internet round-ups. I threw my lasso out on the world wide web and found some glittery things for you to fawn over, some hilarious things for you to laugh till you cry at, and some inspiring things for you to shut your laptop and go live because of. Enjoy!

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What have you seen on the internet in the past month that’s worth mentioning? Share it in the comments!

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